Branding the Razorfish Global Creative Summit

In the fall of 2015, I was asked to name and brand the Razorfish Global Creative Summit. The brief mentioned this year’s theme was focused on the culture of startups. With only a few days to get a first round presentation together, I had to move quickly. After some research and sketching, I landed on the name, “Proto;” a prefix that by definition means, ‘first’ or ‘precursor’ — and also a word that inherently has some nice geometry to work with.

You can view additional images on the Proto project page.

This week’s type crush: Lust

I can’t keep my eyes off this appropriately named serif designed by Neil Summerour and published by Positype in 2012. Some standouts for me are the numerals and the ampersand variants. Beautiful!

From the description on MyFonts : “WARNING! I cannot stress this enough. Please know what you are getting into with this typeface. Like a supermodel, it can’t be squeezed into every situation. It needs room and size to breathe. The regular weights can support 36-point or higher settings, whereas the display weights shine above 72-point (preferably 100-point).”


General Dynamics Space Cards

Wow. I can’t believe I haven’t seen these until now! A set of playing cards from General Dynamics that feature crazy cool illustrations as well as Erik Nitsche’s logo design for GD. Manufactured by National Periodical Publications, Inc in 1964. Would love to learn more about these if anyone has additional info. Would also like to get my hands on a set...


Add to cart - Monotype relaunches The Recorderd

Looking forward to getting my hands on the recently re-imagined Recorder magazine from Monotype. First published in 1902, The Recorder was originally used to showcase new developments in typography but this time around, the magazine’s focus is exploring type’s role in a wider cultural context. The bold and beautiful redesign was led by Luke Tonge from Life Agency.

Image by Luke Tonge

Image by Luke Tonge

One of the more drool-worthy teasers I’ve seen is this collection of hand drawn and collaged typography by Stephen Smith. Love.


This 100+ page first issue is a limited print run. Get one before they’re gone!